"in the skin, through the skin, the world and the body touch, defining their common border. Contingency means mutual touching: world and body meet and caress in the skin. I do not like to speak of the place where my body exists as a milieu, preferring rather to say that things mingle among themselves and that I am no exception to this, that I mingle with the world which mingles itself in me. The skin intervenes in the things of the world and brings about their mingling."  - Michel Serres


This project explored the nature of intra action in the framework of labels and diffraction, starting with a research collaboration with PHD student Shreyasi Desai and her thesis ‘The impact of hyperbole on perception of victim testimony’ (Desai, S. et al. 2021).

The collaboration examined and discussed victim testimonies and how they were perceived subjectively, specifically by the type of language used within each statement. Exploring questions related to; What happens when something that we hold as true is interrupted? Is it only through obstruction that we question the true nature of the object?. 


These questions formed the main theme of the artwork which aimed to illustrate when choice and consent is obstructed. The work takes inspiration from Gaston Bachelard's book 'The Poetics of space', the Buddhist philosophy of Emptiness and Anthropologist Tim Ingold's book ' The Life of Lines.